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Annual Report, 2021-22

Presented to council 12 May 2022

Since the 2021 AGM there have been eight online meetings and three real meetings, with good attendance from the councillors. The community centre was out of bounds for most of the time, and even when real meetings resumed, these had to be carried out in the main hall rather than the small meeting room owing to Covid restrictions. The Chair during the 2021-22 period was Cllr Manon Watkin, and Cllr Watkin hosted the online meetings via a subscription to the Zoom facility. Mrs Watkin’s diligence and leadership has been appreciated.

Mary Oldham continued as internal auditor and has recently completed the 2021-22 internal audit. Morgan Griffiths of Newtown has continued as payroll administrator. The contingency fund for possible playground or surface repairs is constantly monitored and the fund covered the cost of fence repairs earlier in the year. Cllr Heulwen Hulme organised a bid for Lottery funding to contribute to seats and tables for the amenity land, and this has been successful. A portion of the grant money that was donated generously by a local resident is still remaining.

Pot holes and speeding continue to be of concern in the village. Several new speedwatch volunteers have been recruited and sessions will re-start. The batteries in the flashing sign have worn out and been replaced and more recently a solar panel has been installed by Cllr Bumford which will remove the need for physical recharging. The mast near Whitegates has gone live and many local residents are able to use the mobile provision. The Church in Wales has accepted responsibility for the proper maintenance of its side of the hedge on the footpath that runs from near the glebe land to the main road and has cut back the overgrown section. The council has paid for the restoration of a commemorative plaque near the Temperance junction, which has also been repositioned in a slightly different place and is looking good.

Long-serving councillor, Mr John Williams, did not stand in the 2022 elections and has therefore left Tregynon council. Mr Williams was a steadfast and respected member of the council team for many years.



                                                             Rachael Jones, clerk to Tregynon Community Council

12 May 2022