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Presented to council 10 Sept 2020


There have been 10 regular meetings over the past year with good attendance from the councillors. The final meeting of the financial year took place shortly before the remarkable lockdown due to Covid 19. This lockdown has delayed the AGM as well as disrupting plans for a VE Day commemorative event. 

Mary Oldham continued as internal auditor and has completed the 2019-20 audit. Morgan Griffiths of Newtown has continued as payroll administrator. A contingency fund for playground improvements and repairs was agreed and a total of £8000 transferred to the reserve account for this purpose. Improvements to the playground have been planned for some time, but despite a contractor being agreed owing to the lockdown, work has been delayed. 

The communications mast on Tynybryn land, which has caused concern within some parts of the community, was installed. Responsibility for maintenance of the boundary hedge along the path leading from the top road to the school is currently being investigated by the county council’s footpath officer. Potholes have been of continual concern. Community speedwatches have not taken place for some time and speeding vehicles, including tractors, have been noted continually. The electronic speed sign does, however, have a positive effect and the councillors have also requested more police intervention.

The defibrillator batteries expired early in the year but were replaced by. A wild area has been created at the bottom end of the cemetery.


Rachael Jones, clerk to Tregynon Council

September 2020